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Nuke bombs don’t win wars, neither strengthen economies: Pak defence analyst

Lahore, June 1 (ANI): Nuclear bombs do not win wars nor do they strengthen any country economically, Pakistani defence analyst Dr Farrukh Saleem has said.

The Daily Times quoted Dr Saleem as saying that the atomic bomb has not served the purpose of deterrence for any country.

The US lost the war in the Vietnam despite having atom bombs, while Russia lost in Afghanistan. Israel was attacked by Syria despite having an atom bomb while Pakistan attacked the nuclear India in Kargil, he said in an interview with Dunya News.

He added that Pakistan’s safety did not depend on the nuclear capability in the Kargil war.

The analyst rejected the “misperception” that India had not attacked Pakistan in 2002 and 2009 because of Pakistan’s nuclear bombs.

Referring to Manhattan Project Document, Saleem said a country has to spend around 24 billion dollars in the initial phase from making of a bomb and exploding it.

In the second phase of making mechanism of targeting of a bomb and other additional operations, around 70 billion to 100 billion dollars are spent, he added.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Director IA Rehman said Pakistan is facing one of the biggest internal security threat due to its nuclear program.

Pakistan has not been able to spend more on development projects because of the hefty spending on its defence, he added.

Education, health, infrastructure and improvement of the living standard needed more money, which could not be spent because of a large defence budget, Rehman said. (ANI)

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