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Now, Pak tells NATO to ‘do more’ in Afghanistan

Lahore, Apr.21 (ANI): Responding to top US commander in Afghanistan, General David McKiernan’s comments that Pakistan must do more to dismantle the terror safe havens operating on its soil, Pakistan has also asked  NATO to ‘do more’ in Afghanistan.

The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told a private television channel that the Pakistan Army is ‘doing enough’ in the war on terror, and asked  NATO forces to intensify its operations in Afghanistan.

“Most of the terror centers, in our opinion, are there,” Maj.Gen.Abbas said.

He said the no one can doubt the sincerity of the Pakistan Army in the fight against extremism, which can be judged by the number of casualties it has suffered.

“Over 1,500 soldiers and officers have died in the war on terror,” The Daily Times quoted Abbas, as saying.

Expressing fears over the Obama Administration’s decision to send in more troops to Afghanistan which might result in ‘spill over of militants to Pakistan’, Abbas said : “We need to enhance our vigilance and our forces on the border with Afghanistan to tackle with the possible spill over of the militants into Pakistan.”

Commenting on the Swat peace, Abbas said that the accord has provided an opportunity to the militants to regroup after they were flushed from the region by the military.

“The Taliban was flushed out in five weeks, but then came the deal, and the military was asked to return to the camps, which provided great opportunity and a free run to the militants as they reorganised and regrouped. They returned to the valley and used terror as a weapon,” he added. (ANI)

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