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Now, a bath in the bedroom for no hiding between couples

Melbourne, June 1 (ANI): Taking bedroom sharing among couples to a new level, interior designers have now created an open-planned bathroom-bedroom that does away with that not-so-loved bathroom door.

While ensuites are being opened up in the bedroom, the bathroom features a deep-soaker bath, double vanity, frameless shower, and strategically-placed toilet-all in full sight of the king-size bed.

“Of the 30 bathrooms we did in the last year, 10 were open-plan designs,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Hargroves Interior Design owner Jacqui Hargrove as saying.

While many love the idea of quality time with a partner in the bathroom, there are others, for whom the open-toilet idea is not so attractive.

“The bathroom is an intimate space shared between two people,” said Minosa bathroom designer Darren Genner.

Relationship therapist Jacqueline Hellyer said that an open ensuite could create a sensual environment in the bedroom, but the theme still needed guidelines.

“The idea of a bath in the bedroom is beautiful but I think you have to draw the line somewhere,” she said. (ANI)

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