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Norwich couple ecstatic post birth of ‘miracle’ identical triplets

London, May 13 (ANI): A couple in Norwich are ecstatic after having “miracle” identical triplets on April 8.

What adds to 28-year-old Emma Spooner and her 35-year-old husband Ken’s joy is the fact that only one in 100,000 couples generally have triplets.

The three children — named by their parents Alfie, Sebastian, and Zak — were conceived without IVF treatment.

Though the little boys were born early at 34 weeks, they were healthy and need to stay in hospital for only eight days.

“It is quite amazing. It makes us feel quite special. Each is a bundle of joy,” the Sun quoted Emma — who also has a daughter Molly, eight, and son Jacob, five — as saying.

Ken, of Cockley Cley, Norfolk, said: “I am absolutely ecstatic.”

Identical triplets occur when one fertilised egg splits to create three separate embryos. (ANI)

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