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No key Taliban leader killed in military’s operation : Swat IDPs

Peshawar, Jun.4 (ANI): The Pakistan Army might be claiming success in its operation in the Swat Valley, but a large number of people, who have been forced to flee the region due to the military operation, have put a question mark over the offensive, saying no key Taliban leader has been nabbed or killed so far.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who have fled the valley and have taken refuge in government schools here, are skeptical about the authenticity of the military offensive, The Daily Times reports.

“How Swat IDPs could return to the valley when Taliban key leaders are alive and hiding there? The fear of Taliban would continue to loom over their heads until elimination of their key commanders of the valley,” said one of the displaced person Najeebullah Khan.

Khan, a resident of Mingora, feared that the Taliban could regroup once again, as its leaders are still alive and hiding in the terrains of the region.

He said people would not return to their home until the top Taliban commanders such as Mullah Fazlullah, spokesman Muslim Khan, and Shah Doran are killed or arrested by the security forces.

“We still have fear of Taliban as their key leadership has not been killed or arrested during the operation,” another displaced Sultan Mehmood said. (ANI)

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