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Nice girls more likely to be good in studies

London, June 8 (ANI): Girls perform better than boys at school because they are nicer, says a study.

For the study, researchers at Haifa University in Israel examined 52 students aged 14 and 15 to identify the link between achievement and personality.

They studied examined pupils’ grades across the academic year, reports the Telegraph.

The researchers found there was little difference between their learning habits, but found girls were much more likely to cooperate in lessons.

According to the study: “Agreeableness relates to interpersonal relations. Students scoring higher on agreeableness would thrive better and achieve higher than others in cooperative settings, which may explain girls’ gain over boys.

“It is possible that highly agreeable students, who function better in the school social environment, may also influence teachers’ perceptions of them, resulting accordingly in higher achievement.”

Trefor Lloyd, director of Working With Men, an education charity, said: “Girls are much better at negotiating with teachers. They will ask more questions. They start from a position of now knowing enough. Boys don’t like to be seen as not knowing something, and only ask questions reluctantly.” (ANI)

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