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Newspapers, Cable TV services shut down in Swat

Peshawar May 7 (ANI): The prevailing precarious security conditions in the Swat Valley have forced media houses to suspend publication and distribution of news papers in the valley.

Due to the curfew imposed by the security authorities following their offensive against the extremists, distribution of newspapers being published elsewhere in the country have also been stopped in the region, the Daily Times reports.

“All Swat-based newspapers have suspended operation as the security situation is extremely dangerous. There is a curfew and free movement of our staff is impossible,” editor of a local daily, Ghulam Farooq said.

Cable television services have also been hampered due to irregular electricity supply.

Residents said, in the absence of newspaper and television, they are unable to know what was going on in the region.

“We have no access to any newspaper or TV channel and have no idea of what is happening around us,” the newspaper quoted a Swat lawyer, as saying. (ANI)

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