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New York schoolteacher accused of having sex with teen pupil in classroom

Washington, May 30 (ANI): A teacher in New York was put behind bars and charged with rape, sexual abuse and child endangerment after she was allegedly caught having sex with a 14-year-old student in the classroom.

It was the student’s mother who tracked the teacher named 27-year-old Melissa Weber down.

“It’s real disconcerting to find that,” CBS News quoted parent and school employee Stacy Gold as saying.

“It’s extremely shocking. This is a teacher that teaches my son,” added Gold, who works at I.S./M.S. 8 with Weber.

Cops revealed that it all happened after Weber took one of her students to a second-story classroom for giving him lessons in sex education.

It is alleged that Weber took particular interest in the boy, and had had sex with the teen seven times from mid-April to mid-May, all after school.

She allegedly told him: “Don’t tell anyone. I could get arrested and I could lose my teaching license.”

After being tipped of by school employees, the boy’s mother checked her son’s cell phone and found hundreds of calls and texts from Weber, the last text reading, “erase your phone.”

The incident has left Weber’s co-workers stunned.

“I had no idea of her private life or anything. I just know she was a good teacher and, wow, this is a shock to me,” school employee Mike Kertley said. (ANI)

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