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New US amendment asks Pak to reform its counter terrorism policies

Washington, June 11 (ANI): A new US amendment moved in the Congress, asks Pakistan to reform its counter terrorism policies to thwart threats by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

The amendment also stresses the need for Islamabad to confront, and deny safe haven to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other extremists.

“Pakistan is also required to implement the economic, legal, and social reforms required to create an environment that discourages violent Islamic extremism, and to maintain robust command and control over its nuclear weapons technology,” the amendment, which is likely to be adopted soon, states.

During a debate on the bill on Wednesday, Republican Senator Ed Royce termed US assistance to Pakistan as ‘a good investment’ in terms of US security.

Royce said the current turbulence in Pakistan offers no room for trade.

 “There’s no time for window dressing,” The Dawn quoted Royce, as saying.

California Republican David Dreier said it was very important that the bill (seeking funds for US allies) is adopted in its perfect form, as only then it will have an “impact on every bilateral and multilateral relationship that the US has in the world.” (ANI)

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