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Muslims protest killings of their community in China ethnic clashes

Ludhiana, July 9 (ANI): Muslims here have protested against the ethnic violence between Han Chinese and Muslim Uighurs that has left at least 156 dead in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Congregating outside the Jama Masjid, they burnt the national flag of China and raised slogans to stop atrocities on Muslims.

“Two Muslim workers in a factory were killed in China. Hundreds of Muslims had gathered to stage a silent protest against the killings, which we came to know through the press. The Chinese Government could not tolerate this and ordered a crackdown killing 150 Muslims. This bloodshed of Muslims will not be wasted,” said Maualana Habib-ur-Rehman, a Muslim cleric.

Rehman also threatened that if the violence on Muslims does not stop in the coming days then they would issue a fatwa calling for boycott of Chinese products.

“Chinese items will be boycotted. If needed, we will talk to Muslim councils in the country and issue a fatwa forbidding Chinese products,” he said.

Xinjiang province has long been a hotbed of ethnic tension in China. Uighurs make up around half the 20 million population.

They’re angry about a recent influx of Han Chinese and government controls on their religion and culture.

The violence was triggered by a rumour that Uighurs had raped two women.The allegations sparked a brawl at a factory, which spread. The government is clearly trying to halt that spread.

Almost one and half thousand people have been arrested and soldiers have been told not to let their guard down. (ANI)

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