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Music fan finds sex photos in second-hand iPod bought in London

London, May 30 (ANI): A second-hand iPod bought by a music fan in South London was found to contain raunchy pictures of its former owner’s wife and lovers.

It was from a used goods store that Kristian Towell, 27, had bought the gadget.

The files containing the sex pictures were named Wifey and Chicks.

“When I got it home it was full of terrible music but then I saw the photos. The Wifey ones are pretty decent, and the Chicks files is quite raunchy,” the Sun quoted Kristian, of Brighton, East Sussex, as saying.

A source at CeX in Croydon said that store usually cleared iPods before selling them.

The source added: “It’s embarrassing. We’ll look into it.” (ANI)

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