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More than a third of Brits lie about age, sex, money

London, May 19 (ANI): More than a third of Britons lie about their age, salary and sexual history, a poll of 2,000 people has revealed.

The study for TV channel Really found age to be the most common lie with 36 percent confessing they’ve been dishonest.

When it came to drinking habits, thirty five percent confessed to bending the truth, reports Sky News.

More than a third admitted they lied about the number of sexual partners they have had.

Other top lies included faking illness to avoid work and pretending to have a higher salary.

Top 10 Lies are:

1. Age
2. Alcohol consumption
3. Sexual history
4. Changed appearance
5. Job
6. Embellished CV
7. How often people have sex with their partners
8. Connections
9. Wages
10. Concealing an illness. (ANI)

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