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Mitchell: Peace includes Syria, Lebanon

Jerusalem, June 11 (ANI): The Obama administration has said that its Middle East peace plan will not be restricted to only about peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but will also include both Syria and Lebanon.

US Special Middle East envoy George Mitchell disclosed this on Wednesday, on the eve of trips to both Beirut and Damascus.

Mitchell’s comments came at the outset of a meeting with opposition head Tzipi Livni that concluded two days of meetings in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

After meeting with Livni, Mitchell flew to Cairo. From there he will go to Lebanon on Thursday, and then continue on to Damascus Friday and Saturday for his first meetings there since taking up his position in January.

One senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office said Mitchell’s trip to Lebanon and Syria was indicative of his overall approach – to talk to everyone and then “try to move the ball down the field one yard at a time.”

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