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Miseries of Bernie Madoff’s sons revealed

New York, June 4 (ANI): Bernie Madoff’s swindle of as much as 47 billion pounds to his backyard has apparently left his sons facing the dump.

Andrew and Mark Madoff, who allege knowing nothing about their father’s Ponzi scheme despite earning millions working in the family business, reportedly felt betrayed by the man, whom “they were always trying to please, but never could.”

Andrew was said to have revealed his plight to an African-American friend.

“I’m unemployed, I don’t have any money, and I’m just trying to stay out of jail — my name is mud,” the New York Post quoted the pal as telling Vanity Fair’s sources.

Andrew’s estranged wife, Deborah allegedly used her maiden name to order groceries and Andrew himself purportedly used her last name to make dinner reservations.

Parents of classmates of Andrew’s daughters allegedly have doubts sending their children to parties at his home as they are “evidently fearful of assassins crouching in vestibules.”

It was further reported that both the brothers do not speak to their mother Ruth, “not because they think she was involved [they don’t] but because they believe her tendency to side with [Bernie], no matter what, when they complained to her about him, enabled his dirty deeds.”

Bernie was convicted of operating a Ponzi scheme that has been called the largest investor fraud ever committed by a single person.

The 70-year-old pleaded guilty to an 11-count criminal complaint, admitting to defrauding thousands of investors and now faces spending the rest of his life in prison. (ANI)

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