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MIC wants Sedition Act on writer for terming Malay Indians ‘immigrants’

Kuala Lumpur, June 4 (ANI): The Malaysian Indian Congress has urged the government to take immediate action against a writer of Mingguan Malaysia for indirectly referring the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia as immigrants.

MIC president S. Samy Vellu said the writer should be charged under the Sedition Act as his comments could create ill-feeling among Malaysians, especially the Chinese and Indians.

In condemning the action, Samy Vellu said even Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin commented that racially slanted statements were unacceptable and were against the One Malaysia concept.

“The Indian community will not accept such remarks and we demand that the writer withdraw his comments and publicly apologise to all Malaysians,” The Star quoted him, as saying.

“He has hurt our feelings and tarnished the good name of the Government. We cannot allow this sort of action to continue,” Samy Vellu added.

Samy Vellu urged Indians to join forces with other peace-loving Malaysians from different races and make the One Malaysia concept a reality. (ANI)

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