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Meet the dog that spent 25 days stuck in a rabbit hole

London, May 27 (ANI): A dog got stuck in a rabbit hole in Haverfordwest, West Wales, and could manage to crawl out only after it lost a third of his body weight due to starvation for 25 days. 

Well-fed Jack Russell Jake lost 2kg when it came out of the hole, and vets feared that he would not survive.

Jake’s owner Jill Thomas, 52, revealed that the dog disappeared near some rabbit holes during a walk.

“We looked everywhere. But once three weeks had gone by we gave up hope,” the Sun quoted her as recalling.

Once Jack became free, it staggered to a farm 500 yards away, where the children had seen missing dog posters.

Afterwards, Jill and her husband Rick tok their pet to a vet, who put the dog on a drip.

Fencing contractor Rick said: “Jake was skin and bone. It was touch-and-go for a while. But he’s a fit little dog and he slowly recovered.”

Jill added: “We’re so glad he’s home. It’s incredible he survived.” (ANI)

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