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Media professionals are the biggest binge drinkers in UK

London, May 25 (ANI): People who work in media, publishing and entertainment sectors are the heaviest drinkers in UK, according to a survey by the Department of Health.

Media professionals consume an average of 44 units a week, almost twice the recommended maximum amount of three-to-four units a day for men, and two-to-three for women.

On the other hand, teachers and drivers were found to be the UK’s most moderate drinkers, consuming an average of 24 units per week.
The research, conducted by YouGov, on behalf of the Department of Health, questioned 1,400 people.

The poll revealed that IT workers drank an average of 34 units a week, followed by service sector workers at 33 units.

Those associated with finance, insurance and real estate get through an average of 29 units.

The survey also found that almost 50 percent of people working in education said that they monitored their drinking, as compared to 29 percent who worked in media and IT.

Almost one third of media and IT workers and a quarter of those in the finance sector said they sometimes felt pressurised to drink by their colleagues.

“After-work drinks are often part of working life,” Sky News quoted public health minister Dawn Primarolo as saying.

She added: “It’s tempting to just go for ‘a swift one’, even when you know your body needs a rest. But, one can quickly turn into many. Regularly drinking more than your daily limits can have a serious knock-on effect on your long term health.” (ANI)

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