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Malaysian Indian Congress to monitor varsity intake of Indian students

Kuala Lumpur June 5 (ANI): Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) secretary-general Dr. S. Subramaniam has said that the MIC will monitor the intake of students in local public universities this year to ensure a fair selection process.

Subramaniam said that while the selection process is based on merit, there is a need to monitor it so that no deserving student is left out.

He said in the past, many students, despite having good grades, have complained that they were not successful in getting a place in local public universities.

“There have also been cases that many had their application to do a particular course rejected although they have the grades,” he added.

He said MIC would ensure that its proposals on the university intake were implemented, which include requesting more places for Indian students to do critical courses such as medicine, engineering, dentistry and law.

The intake of local public universities was scheduled to be announced on June 19.

The unsuccessful applicants were advised to submit their appeal via the e-Rayuan application to Bahagian Pengerusan Kemasukan Pelajar, Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi within 10 working days after the announcement of the intake results, The star online reported. (ANI)

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