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Malay-Muslims seek divorce on trivial grounds

Kuala Lumpur, July 6 (ANI): Most of the young Malay Muslim couples want to end their marriage for trivial reasons like– forgetting to pack takeaway food for the spouse, coming home late, sleeping in often and forgetting to add sugar to the drink.

Malaysia’s Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is alarmed by the high number of divorce cases among young Muslims on trivial and ridiculous grounds.

The Star Online quoted Jakim assistant director of family and social division Zawiah Hassan, as saying that dozens of couples who went through marriage counselling said they wanted a divorce because their partners could not remember their birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

“There is this young wife who had asked for a divorce after only three days of marriage just because the husband forgot to buy her food that she had asked for,” the paper quoted her, as saying.

Zawiah said she received an average of five SMSes a day from not only troubled wives but also husbands, complaining about their spouses’ behaviour.

“It is really mind-boggling how easy young couples, some of whom have only been married for months, weeks or even just days want to end their marriages for reasons that are ridiculous and trivial.

“They do not look at marriage seriously and do not know how to treat the relationship and their partners after they tie the knot,” she added. (ANI)

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