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LTTE cadres unaware of plans to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi: Colonel `Karuna’

Colombo, May 21 (ANI): The former commander of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam’s eastern forces, Colonel `Karuna’ has said that he has no doubt about the fact that LTTE supremo V.Prabhakaran being killed and added that he would like to apologise personally to the Gandhi family for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

In an interview to a television channel, Colonel `Karuna’ said: “I have been with him (Prabhakaran) for so many years so there was no doubt. I checked the body…  That was definitely Prabhakaran, there is no doubt about that. Now they have found Prabhakaran’s family’s bodies as well. I feel very sorry for them because they had nothing to do with this. He could have sent them away to India or somewhere. His decision to stay back was fine because he was the leader of the LTTE.”

He rubbished news that the pictures shown on television screens was computer graphics or plastic surgery.

“I want to go to India and would like to meet Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi. I would like to have a talk with Sonia Gandhi. I would also like to talk to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. I want to explain to them our past experiences anf future plans,” he said.

As far as Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination was concerned, he said Prabhakaran took that decision without consulting anybody.

“We did not know about it. Now, the LTTE is finished, so the matter is closed. We could not do anything those days. That is why I changed and broke away from the LTTE. Now I would like to do a lot of things through political channels,” Colonel `Karuna’ said. (ANI)

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