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Lightweight saddles to ease burden of elephants

Jaipur, May 28 (ANI): A Canada-based voluntary organization working for the cause of animals has come to the rescue of jumbos in Jaipur, by providing them with lightweight saddles to ease their burden.

The speciality of the saddle is that it weighs only 20 kilograms and is five times lighter than the traditional one, which weighs over 100 kilograms.

Due to the huge reduction in the weight, the elephant feels much more comfortable.

An initiative of ‘Help In Suffering’, these saddles are aimed at helping the elephants worldwide, to prevent injuries to them.

Designed by Charlie Grey, President, International Elephant Foundation, the lightweight saddle has been successful in Canada as well as Thailand.

The success story of the saddles in these two countries has encouraged ‘Help In Suffering’ activists to bring this saddle to India as well. A total of five saddles have been put to test on eighty elephants ferrying tourists at the Amer Fort in Jaipur.

“The five saddles will be tested for six months. We will see if the injuries are gone or no new injuries have aroused from the new saddle. After six months, if the elephants community is happy with the saddle, then we will encourage them to build the same saddle to improve the welfare of the Jaipur elephants,” said Scarlett Magda- Saddle Designer from Canada, (African Lion Safari, Canada)

If the elephant community is happy with this saddle after the six months trial time, more will be made available. (ANI)

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