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Lanka envoy calls pro-Malay Tamil protesters ‘jokers’

Kuala Lumpur, May 29 (ANI): Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Malaysia Dr D.D. Ranasinghe has described Malaysian Indians who participated in Sunday’s protest rally against alleged Lankan Tamil atrocities as “jokers”.

A Tamil Nesan report quoted Dr Ranasinghe as saying that his government would not take into consideration the concerns expressed by the protesters at a rally in Batu Caves.

The World Tamil Relief and other non-governmental organizations arranged the protest that condemned Colombo and voiced its unhappiness with the deaths of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

He further said international NGOs were being restricted from operating in Sri Lanka for security reasons.

The Malaysian Indian protesters demanded that the United Nations probe the Sri Lankan Government and to bring war crimes charges against its leaders.

They also called upon the lifting of all restrictions on international observers so that they could assess the catastrophe and offer relief.

They also called upon the establishment of an independent Tamil state, pending which a UN peacekeeping force should be deployed.

They also urged the Malaysian Government to help offer assistance to Sri Lankan Tamils and to withdraw support for Colombo’s drafting of a resolution calling on UN members not to interfere in its affairs. (ANI)

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