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Keen fight for Malaysian Indian Congress posts

Kuala Lumpur, Apr 30 (ANI): The Malaysian Indian Congress is gripped by election fever, with different factions of the party holding their meetings to finalise their strategy over the next fortnight.

Although most of the major factions have retained their incumbents, there was keen competition for the posts of delegates who will be eligible to vote for the Deputy President, three vice-presidents and 23 central working committee posts in the MIC general assembly in September.

The number of delegates from each division would depend on the number of branches and membership strength.

Party Deputy President G. Palanivel, who retained the Hulu Selangor division chief’s post, is expected to be challenged by MIC secretary-general Dr S. Subramaniam, vice-president S. Sothinathan and former deputy president S. Subramaniam for the number two post.

S. Samy Vellu has been returned unopposed as party president.

His son, S Vell Paari, who is MIC unity committee chairman, is among 21 contestants for the 12 delegates’ posts from the Lembah Pantai division. Winning it would pave the way for him to vote for the top leadership and also contest for a national-level post in September.

In the contest for division chairman, Deputy Federal Territories Minister M. Saravanan is being challenged by E. Loganathan in Titiwangsa, while incumbent R. Narayanan is facing R. Nedunchellian in Lembah Pantai. (ANI)

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