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Joe Jackson: Michael became a hermit

London, July 16 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s dad Joe has blasted his son’s entourage for turning his son into a Howard Hughes-style hermit.

The 79-year-old compared the singer’s hell to that of the eccentric billionaire who died a recluse in 1976, reports The Sun.

He said: “His relationship was different because he was protected by the security guards. It was not only me but Katherine (Michael’s mom) too. They treated him just like they did Howard Hughes.

“I knew the people weren’t treating him right in the beginning but there was nothing I could do, he was his own man. All of them were cheating him.”

Joe said of his son’s death: “I do believe there was foul play. When he left rehearsals he was waving and all this stuff.

“Then he went upstairs and this doctor was there and he must have given him something to make him rest.” (ANI)

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