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Jihadi bloggers rail against Obama’s speech

New York/Washington, June 6 (ANI): Jihadi bloggers have reportedly reacted with dismay and shock over Muslim scholars welcoming US President Barack Obama’s address to Muslims from Cairo on Thursday.

According to CBS, Paltalk participants, using the Ansar al-Jihad chat room, expressed their surprise at the way many people welcomed the speech.

One member going by the name “al_brsteej” was furious at how some clerics rebuked al Qaeda chief, Osama Bin Laden, over his comments on Obama just hours before the president delivered his speech.

“Sheikh Garni was so upset with Sheikh Osama .. he was saying that the sheikh should not be talking about his Obama ‘darling’ .. may Allah fight the traitors,” the commentator said.

Garni, a renowned Saudi cleric, had earlier said that Muslims should open their hearts and extend their hands to Obama. He also attacked Osama Bin Laden, and claimed that what he said about Obama reflects his ignorance.

Another member, “3EUON AL ZARQAWI,” commenting on Obama’s citation of Quranic verses in his speech, said: “Even [if] he reads out the entire Quran, he is still the devil of the Black House.”

Nasser Eddin al-Tamimi, a web master on al-Ansar blog, was more up-front.

“The commander of the Infidels’ armies wants to strike a peace deal with the Muslim ummah. What peace is he talking about when his armies are fighting our people in Iraq and Afghanistan?!”

al-Tamimi said, “O’ enemy of Allah Obama .. there is no peace, but rather destruction for destruction .. blood for blood .. and there shall be nothing between you and us but the mighty swords .. and the response is what you see, not what you hear.”

Another blogger, Abu Abdel Rahman al-Salafi from hanein forums described those who believed Obama as naïve.

In the U.K., followers of exiled radical preacher, Omar Bakri Mohammed, also didn’t seem very impressed by Obama.(ANI)

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