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Jackie O had a sexual relationship with Bobby Kennedy, claims book

New York, July 7 (ANI): Author C. David Heymann has come under the fire after he alleged for the third time that late US President John F. Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline and his brother Bobby Kennedy had an affair.

 In his new book, ‘Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story’, Heymann has detailed interviews of several on-the-record witnesses who have said that the in-laws had a sexual relationship after JFK’s assassination in 1963.

A neighbour told Heymann that Bobby and Jackie got frisky out in the open over Christmas vacation in Palm Beach in 1964.

Family friend Chuck Spalding revealed that the couple had a very obvious attraction between each other.

“You would have had to be dumb, deaf and blind not to see it,” The New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

However, Kennedy experts have condemned the book and how Heymann highlighted the relationship between the two.

“It’s a new low, and you just wonder how far people are willing to go. [Heymann] is just trying to make a buck. Yes, Bobby and Jackie had a relationship as friends, but [the romance] is a total exaggeration. I feel sorry for Heymann,” said Laurence Leamer, author of ‘The Kennedy Men’, ‘The Kennedy Women’ and ‘Sons of Camelot’

David Talbot, author of ‘Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years’, refused to even comment on Heymann’s tome because he doesn’t believe the writer is a credible source on the Kennedy family.

The backlash against Heymann’s latest book is reminiscent of the criticism he received in 1994, when he first alluded to the affair in an updated edition of ‘A Woman Named Jackie’.

He repeated the claim in 1998’s ‘RFK: A Candid Biography’.

Meanwhile, Kennedy White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, branded Heymann’s claims “bull-.’

‘Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story’ will be available on July 14 from Simon & Schuster”s Atria Books. (ANI)

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