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International trade fair in Siliguri

Siliguri, June 12 (ANI): An international trade fair in Siliguri is serving as a platform for enhancing business ties between India and other countries.

The third East Himalayan Expo 2009, organised by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) in collaboration with the Federation of Chamber of Commerce North Bengal, has been put up with a motive of promoting the business potential of the country’s northeastern region in the international market.

The fair features around 40 stalls from Thailand, 40 from India, one from Bhutan and about 200 stalls of various self help groups selling handicrafts, artifacts, woollen items, food products and much more.

The participation of so many international partners will help in facilitating business relations between Indian and international traders.

“Siliguri is geographically a gateway to the northeastern region of the country. We wanted to put up a fair that would enable us to collect all things from north Bengal. So we organised this fair. Thailand and other participants are there, and it would help in good business tie-ups,” said Biswajit Das, Secretary, Federation of Chamber of Commerce North Bengal, a partner organizer of the fair.

While the fair provided a chance for Indians to get a glimpse of the products of other countries, it has also helped the international participants in understanding the Indian market and products better.

“These kind of fairs are bringing two countries together so these are helping our countries in making good prosperous relationships,” said Shivaji Thai, a stall owner from Thailand.

The fair, and especially the Thailand pavilion, has become quite a hit with the locals, as it has provided them a chance to shop for various goods of different countries, under one roof.

“The people of Siliguri should come here at least once and look at the things displayed here and they should even buy a few things as Thailand stall will not be put up everyday, or every month or even every year in Siliguri,” said Neha Singhania, a visitor.

The East Himalayan Expo is aimed at providing an exclusive platform to the northeastern region for opening up trade and commerce, and also to showcase the vast potential and inherent export potential from this part of the country to the international markets. (ANI)

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