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Indians just innocent victims of crime, Sydney police officer says

Sydney, June 11 (ANI): Police Superintendent of the Parramatta Local Command on the outskirts of Sydney, Robert Redfern, has said Indians were under attack because they were seen as “soft targets” amongst petty thieves.

But NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research director Don Weatherburn said police did not collect information on ethnicity of attackers or victims in assault crimes.

In Parramatta, 58.8 per cent of the population was born overseas – almost half from south and central Asia and the Middle East, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Meanwhile, Lebanese community leader Arthur Haddad and Indian business leader Jagvinder Singh Virk met outside a sweet shop in Harris Park yesterday to talk through the tensions.

The newspaper quoted Haddad as saying that the trouble makers came from out of the area.

Chintan Modi, a professor of Sanskrit, vowed to hit back after he said police took 12 hours to respond to his call. (ANI)

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