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India to counter US probe into its alleged trade hurdles

New Delhi, May 8 (ANI): India has begun a tit-for-tat study on the barriers its exporters face in the United States, part of an effort to aggressively counter an American investigation into Indian trade hurdles.

According to the Washington Post, the Indian move came in response to the U.S. International Trade Commission’s recent inquiries into the effects of Indian farm trade barriers on U.S. exports, initiated by the Senate Finance Committee in January. In February, India’s Commerce Ministry asked exporters to begin reporting instances of hidden American barriers.

“We are collating information from various industries to prepare a list of American non-tariff barriers to Indian exports. There are many subtle, sophisticated ways in which America stalls our exports,” the paper quoted India’s Commerce Secretary G.K. Pillai, as saying in a recent interview.

“For too long, the developed countries lectured us on what we are doing wrong on trade. But this is a game that India can play, too,” he added.

Pillai said the ministry’s report should be ready by August, ahead of the U.S. report, which is expected in November.

Meanwhile, two teams of U.S. agriculture and trade officials are scheduled to visit India this month to discuss barriers to farm exports.

Farm trade is a politically sensitive issue in India. Two-thirds of Indians work in agriculture, according to the government, but most barely eke out a living. (ANI)

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