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We live in a global world. Many boundaries have broken due to vast political, economic and social change. Nations of the world are more closely connected now than ever before. Increased interaction and communication between people of different nations has almost reshaped the world community. Whatever incident happens in one part of the world has become more relevant to all others than before. All this has made communication of news equally important. Newspapers are one of the broadest means of this. They give both nationally and internationally relevant news in inexpensive form. The first thing perhaps one reaches for, after waking up in the morning is the newspaper. It not only informs about important national events, but covers almost all major aspects of modern life – sports, entertainment, science, business, beauty. A regular reader of newspaper is taken for an intellectually alert person.

Today’s times are different and the importance of news has become undeniably much more. Newspapers are more of invaluable help as whatever happens in the world we come to know all, next morning right at our desk.

The organization that makes possible our having all this news so conveniently are the news agencies. There is a whole network of such agencies across nations – Reuters, CNN, BBC, PTI are the new agencies with great reputation for their investigation skills and impartial credentials. Newspapers play an important role in shaping the public opinion, being the chief source of information to the people. It is the bridge which connects the people to the government. It educated them about the business of the state. It can undoubtedly be assumed that it serves as one of the most popular and effective interfaces between people and the government.

In our social lives too, newspapers can be of significant help. Many issues which evade government’s notice or are in the danger of becoming grave can be hinted upon through newspapers. Not only civic issues, even cases where individuals have suffered injustice have been successfully redressed through it. It has clearly helped in lessening the communication gap.

The most essential quality of a newspaper is its independent stance because only this can make it credible and of real benefit to the people. In order to maintain its credibility, the newspapers must guard against some forms of reporting, for example the phenomenon of yellow journalism. The sensational and often ungrounded reporting for the sake of popularity or cheap gains is the very negation of journalistic duties. It is therefore important for the newspapers to see their position responsibly and try to curtain such tendencies.

The importance of newspapers in modern civic life stands undisputed. Perhaps, it has become the most valued article of political culture. In a democratic country, it is importance could not be less than parliament. In fact, it is these two which ensure the advancement of democracy as well as its survival.

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