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Implement sharia in Pak or face bloody revolution: Lal Masjid head

Islamabad, July 11 (ANI): The head of Pakistan’s radical Lal Masjid, Abdul Aziz, has threatened the Pakistan Government of launching a ‘bloody revolution’, if the Zardari-led coalition fails to enforce an Islamic system in the country through parliament.

Addressing the Second Shuhda-e-Lal Masjid Conference at the Lal Masjid, Aziz said the government has not been able to make any progress in the probe into the Lal Masjid Operation, which took place two years ago, the Daily Times reports.

Demanding the operation to be declared extra-judicial, Aziz clarified that his release was not part of any deal with the government.

Speaking on the occasion, member of the NWFP assembly Mufti Kifayatullah demanded the government cease its military operation in the province and initiate a dialogue with the Taliban.

He alleged that Pakistan Army was ‘killing its own people at the behest of the US’.

Strict security arrangements were put in place this time around, considering last year’s conference where many policemen and civilians were killed in a suicide attack. (ANI)

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