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Illiterate Indians lured into slavery in Malaysia

Mallaca (Malaysia), May 30 (ANI): Thousands of illiterate Indians are falling prey to promises of a good life in Malaysia. Trapped between wanting a better life for their families and their eagerness to escape poverty, they fall victims to scams, managed by syndicates.
“They are like thugs, and they exert force to instil fear in us so that we dare not go against them,” M Nadarajah, a victim said.
“Bala (Nadarajah’s captor) and his brother would use demoralising and abusive words, slap, kick and even hit me with a stick if they were not happy with my work,” he added after showing the scars on his back.
Insufficient food and rest make many of these illegal Indians ill, as they are made to work hard on estates in the region.

Some are tortured quite severely, reports the Strait Times.
People like Nadarajah are often threatened by their captors. Captors even threaten to sell their children to prevent them from escaping. (ANI)

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