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Holbrooke says Geo TV is anti-US

Karachi, June 5 (ANI): US Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, has said that Geo TV should ensure coverage of what the US is doing for Pakistan.

Holbrooke said: “Geo has broadcast a number of anti-US reports, now you (media) should make people aware of the fact that the US is standing by Pakistan.”

He further said the US is committed to provide every possible help to the affected people of the Swat Valley displaced due to the ongoing military operation.

Talking to the media during his visit to a relief camp in Mardan, Swat, Holbrooke said: “President Barack Obama has sent me to help the people flocking out of the conflict zones.”

“We have brought with us 200 million dollars aid, we have been standing by Pakistan in a steadfast manner,” he said.

Meanwhile, Geo TV’s reaction to these comments is that Geo TV is neither anti-US nor pro-US, it only tries its best to present the actual facts to its viewers.

Geo TV only presents the viewpoints of different schools of thought keeping in view the facts. It has always been Geo TV’s policy to bring before the viewers the views of people belonging to all the sections of society. (ANI)

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