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Have Shahid Kapur, Priyanka Chopra broken up?

A lot of women seem to be interested in Shahid Kapur, but unfortunately, the Ishq Vishq star has had bad luck when it comes to love.

Sources say that before Shahid’s relationship with Priyanka was even publicly acknowledged, it has ended.

The report of their break-up comes days after the news that Shahid’s possessiveness and his outlook towards life and women is not suiting Priyanka. He had a problem with her partying, with her drinking at parties and of course with the Gerard Butler proposal that she never actually refused.

Recent reports suggested that Priyanka couldn’t handle the stress of constant fighting with Shahid over all these issues and the added Kareena Kapoor factor, where the diva accused Priyanka and Shahid of using her name and her relationship with Shahid as a publicity stunt for Kaminay.

While Priyanka has given Bebo a fitting reply, saying the film and its director have enough credentials to stand up on their own, and don’t need Kareena for publicity, that is not the solution to her problems with Shahid.

Shahid continues to claim that there is little more than friendship between him and Priyanka, so the question of a breakup doesn’t arise.

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