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Gym tips for al Qaeda recruits to keep them fit for carrying out attacks

London, Apr 21 (ANI): Recruits of terrorist outfit al Qaeda are getting tips from an online magazine to keep themselves fit for carrying out attacks by exercising in gym.
Rabble-rousing website Jihad Recollections has printed an exercise guide and diet alongside articles on guerrilla warfare. It warns disciples in English to avoid Western gyms like LA Fitness, as they’re “full” of “semi-naked women.”

The magazine aimed at followers of al-Qaeda offers advice on staying fit on the frontline. It suggests building strength for carrying “weapons and equipment” and striking enemies “lightning” fast.
The guide also warns “using weights is unrealistic” on the frontline. Men dressed in jihad-style outfits of white robe and headscarf pose for exercises in the magazine, The Sun reported.

In one, a man does stomach crunches as another holds his legs. In others, a man tries leg-strengthening lunges and stretches to touch his toes.

The monthly magazine rants: “The Mujahid (holy warrior) must learn to get in shape and build strength and to continue to do so wherever he is with little or no resources.
“Another reason being that the places which one can go to where weights and gyms are available are not Islamic environments and definitely not fit for the Mujahid in Allah’s cause.

“We find at these gyms such as LA Fitness that they are full of music, semi-naked women, free mixing and the danger of one showing off during a workout which would destroy your intention and action.”

The site advises followers to stretch before starting exercises, which include sit-ups, V-sits, shoulder bridges and squats. It recommends “at least 100-150 push-ups a day” to boost arm muscles.
The net magazine, which includes hate preachers’ quotes and reports on weapons, also gives diet advice. It says recruits should have protein-rich foods to build their body and sugar-rich snacks for energy. (ANI)

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