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Gujarat marine police gets ultra modern vessel

Jamnagar, June 1 (ANI): The Marine Police in Gujarat procured a state-of-the-art and bullet proof interceptor security vessel for patrolling the coastline.

This 12 tons vessel is equipped with ultra modern navigation and GPS (Global Positioning System) and can carry a crew of 14 members at a time.

The vessel can travel at the maximum speed of 39 nautical miles per hour.

“For the first time in Gujarat, we are having a boat with such a high speed. It is having a speed of 35 nautical miles per hour. Second thing is it is fully bullet proof. Thirdly its collar outside the boat is made up of special material polyurethane which makes it unsinkable,” said Kuldeep Dogara, Master of the newly indicted patrol boat of Gujarat Marine Police.

The Marine Police officials were an elated lot as the induction of the vessel would help them in guarding the coast line.

“Earlier, we conducted joint patrolling with the Coast Guards. Now, we got a separate boat for patrolling with which we can patrol our areas and landing points in a better manner,” said K R Jadeja, an officer of Gujarat Marine Police.

Consequent to the last year’s Mumbai terror attack, the coastal security has been on high alert as the perpetrators had reached country’s financial hub via Gujarat’s sea route. (ANI)

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