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‘Green’ bus that runs on chip fat hits the road in UK!

London, May 7 (ANI): A single-decker bus, dubbed “The Chipper”, that runs on waste cooking oil from chip shops has taken to the UK streets.

The “green” vehicle, a 1998 Dennis Dart vehicle converted for the scheme, is beginning a six-month trial in Bristol to see whether its performance can match that of conventional coaches, reports Sky News.

The bus is powered by bio-diesel from waste cooking oil sourced from several local restaurants. The operator has also appealed to passengers to “chip in” by donating their own waste cooking oil to local recycling centres.

John Bickerton, engineering project manager for First UK Bus, said: “As well as being a near carbon-neutral fuel source, biodiesel made from waste cooking oil can produce less carbon monoxide when it is burnt.

“It is considered better for the environment than conventional diesel.”

Justin Davies, managing director of First in Bristol, said: “We welcome any opportunity to trial new or alternative technologies, particularly if in doing so we’re able to reduce our own impact on the environment.”

As part of a climate change strategy First UK Bus aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 25 percent by 2020. (ANI)

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