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Government to follow “realistic” approach in tackling rising Left terror: Sources

Rome (Italy), July 8 (ANI): The Indian security establishment will adopt a more realistic approach in tackling Left wing terrorism.

While highhanded action by paramilitary and other security agencies has been effective in quelling violence in Lalgarh recently, government sources have told ANI that they are not in favour of using brutal force.

Underlining the future course of action, a top government source said: “Security agencies will not use helicopter gunships to tackle rising Left wing militarism, but will follow the path to accrue gradual change”.

Officials in New Delhi strongly believe that application of tough measures could backfire and cause bigger problems. A top authoritative source, speaking on condition of anonymity, candidly said Left wing terrorism is not a law and order problem and the poorest of the poor is affected by it.

Officials also believe the movement has drawn the inspiration of civil society.

Advocating reconciliation with Left wing militants, a top government source said:  “Our approach in dealing with Left wing ultras will be the combination of military use, political negotiations and dialogue”.

There is an upsurge in Naxal violence, especially in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, in particular. 

The country has witnessed a total of 1,128 incidents of Naxal violence till June 30 this year which left 455 civilians and security forces dead. Whereas 107 Naxalites were killed and 861 Naxals were arrested during the same period.

At a time when Left wing terrorism is peaking, the government is making a bold move to strike a reconciliatory chord with militants. (ANI)

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