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Global slump prompts IT staff to snoop on colleagues

London, Jun 12 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that the ongoing global economic slump has prompted IT staff to snoop on colleagues.

The research conducted on IT workers by Cyber-Ark found that 35 percent of those questioned had access to confidential information, such as salaries and redundancy lists.

Of the majority questioned, 74 percent said that they could get round the controls locking away confidential information, and many admitted that they would steal information from businesses if they were fired.

Most of those planning to steal data said that they would leave with copies of customer databases, passwords for an e-mail administrator account, and merger plans.

Many were more interested in data about a company’s R&D efforts, financial reports, and the managing director’s password.

As per the responses received during the survey, it was clear that the security measures placed around such data to stop them being abused were insufficient.

Only 26 percent of those questioned said that they could not get around the controls without being detected.

“This survey shows that while most employees claim that access to privileged accounts is currently monitored and an overwhelming majority support additional monitoring practices, employee snooping on sensitive information continues unabated,” the BBC quoted Udi Mokady, boss of Cyber-Ark, as stating in a statement.

He warned that continued unauthorised access to confidential data could mean all kinds of problems for companies.

Data leaks might damage customer relationships, leave a firm in breach of regulations or hand vital data to competitors.

“Businesses must wake up and realize that trust is not a security policy,” he added.

The survey was conducted among IT and security staff working in some of the largest British and American companies. (ANI)

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