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Gilani says India, Pakistan can’t afford war

Quetta, June 11 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said India and Pakistan cannot afford to be engaged in military combat.

Addressing national and foreigner army officers at the Command and Staff College here, Gilani said neither Pakistan nor India could afford war and expressed his desire that bilateral talks between both countries should resume as soon as possible.

Gilani said both India and Pakistan were facing a common threat so,  it was important for the leadership of the two countries to resume talks to settle pending issues for establishing peace in the region.

“India and Pakistan were facing common problems and it was in the interest of the whole region that both countries having nuclear powers start negotiation to settle the disputes and resume the dialogue which was stopped after Mumbai attack,” The Nation quoted Gilani, as saying.

“Pakistan will offer the Indian leadership an olive branch to resume composite dialogue,” Gilani added.

Commenting on the Swat military offensive, Gilani said Pakistan was fighting a war against terrorism for its own survival.

He said the government had no option but to resort to military action, as the Taliban was trying to establish a parallel government in the region.

“The government would not tolerate those elements that cast evil eyes on the sovereignty of Pakistan and establish parallel government in the country. It would fulfill all requirements of army for the defence of the country,” Gilani said.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also said Pakistan is more desirous of dialogue with India.

“Pakistan is more desirous of dialogue as it cherishes peace that could not be brought about without parleys with its neighbours, Qureshi said. (ANI)

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