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From to be or not to be to bee to bee

William Shakespeare must be chafing in his grave. His famous quote ” To be or not to be” has now been hijacked and it has become ” To bee or not to bee”. Let me clarify. The swarm of bees that presumably tried to attack in the rally of the BSP supremo Mayawati when she was holding a rally in Lucknow has indeed raised the hackles. The bees are indeed going to be reduced to status from bee to not to be, as an enquiry has been ordered to probe into the temerity of the bees to try to even think about attacking the leader of such exalted political status and develop a thought of reducing her status from Be to not to be.

Who would have thought that the focus of enquiries would shift to bees and they would have to be brought into the witness box to testify and inform what was the point of instigation and whether the instigation had a backing of the forces that are inimical to the rise of the down trodden and those living on the margins. The innovative manner of attacking the leadership must have been inspired from a Tom and Jerry show where an episode has been built around the attack of bees.

Now contrast the situation with what happened during the first match in the third season of IPL that was played at Ahmedabad. A part of the phylum of the bees waylaid the ground when Rajasthan Royals were batting and they had to navigate the balls through a cloud of these winged creatures. It indeed was a conspiracy hatched by the Delhi Daredevils to curb the clobbering power of Yusuf Pathan, as he could not anticipate the movement of the ball, owing to the fact that he was forced to view the ball through a semi-permeable membrane created by the presence of the insects on the ground.

Historically the pests’ attack is followed by some calamity. Indeed, for Rajasthan Royals it became calamitous as they lost the match with huge margin. When Delhi Daredevils came on to bat, the insects had mysteriously vanished and Sehwag clobbered the Rajasthan Royals.

Shilpa Shetty are you listening, you need to set up an enquiry to find out how suddenly the insects swarmed the ground in Motera and affected the fortunes of your team as it could have ramifications on the future course of tournament.

By: Suman Rai

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