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Five UNSC permanent members agree to impose tough new sanctions on N. Korea

United Nations, June 11 (ANI): The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) – The United States, Britain, China, Russia and France — have agreed to impose tough new sanctions on North Korea after that conducted its second nuclear test last month.

According to diplomats, a draft resolution puts Pyongyang on notice, saying that the UNSC does not approve of its continued nuclear ambition and would put a stop to it.

The new draft resolution includes possible inspections of the North Korea’s cargo vessels on high seas, expansion of an arms embargo, curtailing North Korea’s financial dealings with the outside world, and freezing assets of North Korean companies.

The draft resolution unequivocally condemns the May 25 underground nuclear test and demands that North Korea also suspends its ballistic missile program and join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Although there was no immediate reaction from North Korea, Pyongyang has maintained that the inspection of North Korean ships or other such sanctions would be tantamount to an act of war. (ANI)

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