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Fissure within Pak Government

Islamabad, May 13 (ANI): President Asif Ali Zardari-led Pakistan People’s Party is facing problems at center due to growing bitterness among its coalition partners.

According to The Nation, the existence of the four-party coalition government is endangered because of the latest fissure among the Pakistan Peoples Party and its junior coalition partners like Awami National Party and Muttahida Qoumi Movement.

The ANP is at loggerheads with the MQM, and the chiefs of both parties are busy giving venomous statements against each other.

At the same time, both these parties are not happy the way Pakistan Peoples Party is running the governmental affairs and not taking them into confidence over the vital decisions they are taking.

The MQM expressed serious concern when they were not taken on board before inking Swat Peace deal. The MQM had even threatened to quit the coalition.

Later, the MQM had unleashed the propaganda campaign against Awami National Party for going all out for the Swat Peace Accord, while the ANP also hit back at the MQM leadership.

The fourth ally, Jamiat-i-Ulema-i-Islam (Fazl), group was also bitter about the way Swat Peace Accord was singed keeping them at bay.

Now when the Pakistan Government has launched military operation to flush out the Taliban from the Swat Valley and Malakand Division, all the coalition partners are criticizing the PPP for not taking Parliament into confidence before launching such an operation.

Sources disclosed that Pakistan Peoples Party was finding it difficult to keep the coalition intact and have a smooth sailing federal government. (ANI)

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