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Fears about Pak nukes falling into extremists hands ‘unfounded’: General Majid

Islamabad, May 27 (ANI):  Pakistan Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman General Tariq Majid has said that the country’s nuclear weapons are in safe custody and the world wide concerns about it being falling into the Taliban’s hands are ‘unfounded’.

General Majid assured a US delegation here that Pakistan’s nukes were absolutely safe and that there is an immaculate multilayered security arrangement guarding the country’s nuclear assets.

“Based on the pillars of responsibility and restraint, Pakistan has developed and operationalised an immaculate nuclear weapons’ security regime which is multilayered, has stringent access controls, material control and accounting procedures,” The Dawn quoted General Majid, as saying.

He asserted that the Pakistan Army is committed to root out extremism from the country, and its sacrifices are much more than any other country involved in the war against terrorism.

“We as a nation have sacrificed more than any other coalition partner in this war,” General Majid said.

Fears about extremists, particularly the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, establishing their control over Pakistan’s nuclear weapons has heightened in the recent past, but Islamabad has consistently rejected the concerns terming it as ‘malicious propaganda’ being carried out against it by the some countries. (ANI)

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