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Elisabeth Fritzl ‘falls in love with her bodyguard’

London, June 2 (ANI): Looks like love is in the air for dungeon girl Elisabeth Fritzl, for she has reportedly struck up a relationship with her bodyguard.

Austria’s Oesterreich newspaper has reported that the 42-year-old became involved with the man identified as “Thomas W” after they spent months together after she was released.

The man was assigned to guard her and the six children she bore by her father, Josef, while she was held captive in a cellar for more than two decades, The Telegraph reported.

“They are a couple,” a source told the newspaper.

“Everyone saw from the beginning how secure she felt with him,” the source added.

The relationship is said to have given Elisabeth “renewed strength”, who is currently taking driving lessons while spending many hours a week in therapy to help her cope with the post traumatic stress of her ordeal.

During Fritzl’s trial earlier this year, he admitted that seeing his daughter Elisabeth in court had made him realise his own guilt.

The 74-year-old subsequently confessed to all the charges against him including murdering one of their children through neglect. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. (ANI)

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