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Disk drive with Clinton White House data disappears

Washington, May 20 (ANI): A disk drive containing one terabyte of data from President Bill Clinton’s administration is being investigated as a possible theft.

The hard drive went missing from a National Archives facility in Maryland between October 2008 and March of this year, a ranking member of the House Government Oversight and Government Reform committee, said in a statement.

“Data on the drive includes more than 100,000 social security numbers (including Al Gore’s daughter), contact information (including addresses) for various Clinton administration officials, Secret Service and White House operating procedures, event logs, social gathering logs, political records and other highly-sensitive information,” Politico quoted Issa, as saying.

Issa said he learned of the drive’s disappearance in a briefing Tuesday from the National Archives’ Inspector General.

“The hard drive was moved from a ‘secure’ storage area to a workspace while it was in use as part of a process to convert [data from] the Clinton Administration,” Issa said.

The Secret Service and the Department of Justice are assisting in the investigation, the statement said. (ANI)

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