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Diplomatic Melodramas

Diplomatic Melodramas - India and Pakistan

Diplomatic Melodramas - India and Pakistan

The latest fuss about the Pakistani minister, Mr. Qureshi slamming the talks of the Indian minister in what must have been the millionth diplomatic meet of the two neighbours is very unsettling. It leaves us all wondering – how can educated, qualified dignitaries behave like kids in a schoolyard? After years of stalling India, Pakistan has now apparently run out of excuses to skirt around various issues. It is now resorting to slamming down peace talks on silly excuses, and then creating a scene. Pakistan’s entire attitude in the whole affair has been rather disappointing. It is behaving like a spoilt brat who knows it’s guilty, and is trying to fake annoyance to skate over the issues.

Peace talks – are they effective?

The entire process of peace talks and its purpose seems rather silly, if you ask me. Pakistan is a nation which openly supports Taliban, and has been at the core of almost all of the terrorist attacks in India. Under the military aid it gets from the US, it has not been able to develop itself to even a fraction of what it should have by now, considering the amount they receive from the US each year. The only thing they do for their countrymen is to push on more taxation laws, and stricter versions of Islamic traditions. Their country’s development in terms of industrial and technological growth is very poor. So the big question is – if they are really as innocent as they claim, then what are they doing with the funds? And why are the terrorist attacks in India increasing simultaneously? Why are Pakistani troops still snooping around in Kashmir?

Kashmir is yet another huge mystery. I cannot understand Pakistan’s logic in their claim for it. There have been several wars between the two countries, and each time, India won – fair and square. So if the country’s government is really inclined towards peace, why haven’t they called off the troops?

These are big, big questions. And they aren’t new. These issues have been thorns in India’s neck since independence. It’s been 63 years, and still, there is no change in the situation. So if peace talks are really the path to success, then why haven’t they had any results yet?

Common sense vs political correctness

The answer is simple. Pakistan has absolutely no inclination in accepting defeat. It has always been envious of India’s prosperity and resources, and always will be. It is true that peace can achieve what even a thousand wars cannot. But there are some wounds that can never be healed. And Pakistan is one such wound. Instead of healing, it has only spread cancerously to the rest of the world.

It is time that India stopped dawdling around with peace talks. These peace talks have not had any effect since the last 63 years, and now it’s only leading to unnecessary public scenes. India must now take radical steps to clean up the mess. The best way to do this would be to secure its borders. There is absolutely no need, for example, for reality shows to fly in Pakistanis to participate in them, while millions of Indians throng up in suffocating chambers to audition. There should be stringent border checks on visas and only then, access must be granted. The visa process for entry into Indian lands must be made strict as well. Only by securing our own borders, can we hope to secure safety for our own people.

The people of Kashmir must realise that it is of no use to claim to be rebels, and waste time by pelting stones and creating a fuss. By doing so, the youth of Kashmir are wasting their valuable years in useless activities, which could instead be used to mould themselves and their careers. The problem is that while they are young, they engage in so called “rebellious” groups. And when their illusion goes away, and real life sets in, they realise that they are not qualified for jobs. They then pelt the vote-bank crazy government to give them more reservations, and claim minority status. The government must be strict on such youth. People who cause public unrest must be charged with criminal offenses. The government must put up a stern front, and insist that people with a criminal record should not be given white collared government jobs.

The measures may be harsh. But I ask all the supporters of these peace talks – if there hasn’t been any result in the past 63 years, do you really think that it would make any difference now? In the meanwhile, if your children get attacked by terrorists – who is responsible?

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