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Debris is from missing Air France jet

Brasilia, June 3 (ANI): Plane wreckage spotted by Brazilian jets is from the Air France airliner that vanished over the Atlantic Ocean, it has been confirmed.
Brazil’s defence minister Nelson Jobim said the debris was “without a doubt” from the jet that disappeared with 228 people on board.

Aircraft seats, a life jacket, bits of white material, an orange buoy, a barrel and traces of oil were seen in two floating patches about 35 miles apart.

Brazilian air force pilots spotted the debris around 400 miles beyond the island of Fernando de Noronha.

This was roughly along the route that Flight 447 was taking from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

The pilots found no signs of life.

It was carrying 216 passengers of 32 nationalities, including seven children and one baby, Air France said.

Sixty-one were French citizens, 58 Brazilian and 26 German, five British and three young Irish women. Twelve crew members were also on board.

The Airbus A330 flew into turbulent weather four hours after taking off from Rio and 15 minutes later sent an automatic message reporting electrical faults, the airline said. (ANI)

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