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Da Vinci Code sequel gets September date

London, Apr 21 (ANI): After becoming one of the world’s most read authors courtesy The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown is geared up to release its much-anticipated sequel.

‘The Lost Symbol’, which Brown describes as “a strange and wonderful journey”, will see the main protagonist Robert Langdon’s journey through a 12-hour frame.

It will be published on the September 15th 2009.

While ‘The Da Vinci Code’ saw symbologist Langdon investigating a murder in The Louvre museum in Paris, a trail that led him into the murky waters of Christian history, the sequel has “a masterful and unexpected new landscape”, according to Brown’s editor Jason Kaufman.

“Weaving five years of research into the story’s 12-hour timeframe was an exhilarating challenge. Robert Langdon’s life clearly moves a lot faster than mine,” The BBC quoted Brown, as saying.

The Da Vinci Code sold 81 million copies around the world and was also made into a motion picture featuring Tom Hanks in the lead role. (ANI)

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