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Chinese school urges students to adjust ‘body rhythm’ for toilet breaks!

New Delhi, May 4 (ANI): A Chinese school is offering a rather unusual advice to its students, “Adjust your body rhythm as soon as possible to completely rule out needing toilet breaks during class.”

Sanmenxia No.1 High School has put the red banner emblazoned with the bizarre advice across the campus toilets.

According to the Chongqing Times, banner that appeared on a forum was photographed by a Xi’an university sophmore, user name “Wrffrw”, at his Henan Province alma mater on April 5.

“It’s so ridiculous that the school supervises their students’ toilet use,” he said.

“Not just our school, but many schools across the country have hung the same banner,” the Global Times quoted a teacher in charge of school as saying.

According to an insider, some students use ‘going to the toilet’ as an excuse to hang out in the schoolyard.

Although breaks are tight for students, another teacher said that students will still have enough time to go to the toilet after the curriculum reform.

Xu Bin, a teacher at Yanzhou No.1 High School said that Sanmenxia No.1 High School visited his school before the spring festival.

He added the same banner hangs at his school, reminding students to adjust their toilet time.

“The motive of the banner is good: to remind students to reasonably manage their time. But it is too serious and excludes some special situations such as diarrhea during class,” a teacher surnamed Shao in Beijing No.65 Middle School said.

Few students go to the toilet during classes in her school anyway, she added. (ANI)

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